Spark! 2018

An Electrifying, Career-Changing Seminar

The SPARK! seminar series continues in 2018 with the promise to utterly transform your practice beginning the very next day. SPARK!2018 will inspire and equip you to maximize non-surgical patient care in 3 critical areas of increasing relevance to podiatry: fall risk, AFO therapy and pediatrics. You will come away with the knowledge and hands-on, practical experience to profoundly improve your bottom line and grow the acquisition value of your practice, all while delivering increasingly essential, life-altering care. Guaranteed*.

To both enhance the value we deliver and because your staff is the fulcrum of your success, each Practitioner registration includes one free staff registration!

* Or your registration fee returned, no questions asked. No CMEs, just stunning results. Full day Saturday, half day Sunday

Track 1

Fall Prevention: Podiatry on the Front Lines

An elderly individual being comforted

Part A

  • Why people fall, focusing on the elderly and orthopedic conditions
  • How maintenance of upright posture is dependent on the center of mass remaining over the base of support
  • How failure to keep the center of mass over the base of support produces moments which cause instability
  • Literature review; How the body’s systems contribute to balance and posture
An elderly man walking with a cane and assistance

Part B

  • Addressing Key Risk Factors in the Fall Risk Patient - Solutions & Tools
  • The link between balance and lower extremity pathology – a review of the latest medical literature
  • Identifying patients with balance and stability issues: assessment, evaluation and protocol
  • The role of DME in addressing key risk factors in the elderly patient population
  • Key features of a Balance AFO
  • Case Studies
Doctor explaining fall risk and prevention to a patient

Part C - Hands-on Workshop

  • How to present to patients
  • Performing a fall risk assessment
  • Shoes' impact on fall risk and prevention
  • Getting paid: Compliance, billing, coding, reimbursement, profit margin
  • Physical Therapy – PT overview of falls/fall prevention, exercise regimens

Track 2

AFOs: Controlling the Uncontrollable Foot

A foot examination

Part A

  • Identifying the appropriate AFO for your patient
  • Patient Assessment
  • Prescription writing considerations
  • Dispensing AFOs
  • Case Studies
AFO options for correcting issues

Part B - Hands-on Workshop

  • Shoe fitting/selection
  • Casting/Scanning techniques
  • Shoes and AFOs, Troubleshooting AFOs

Track 3

Clinical Significance & Management

Children's feet

Part A

  • Overview of the etiology, identification, incidence, patho-mechanics and clinical significance of pediatric flatfoot deformities
  • The importance and benefits of early intervention
  • Methodology for conservative management via prescription custom foot orthoses
A doctor examining a baby's foot

Part B - Hands-on Workshop

Presenting Faculty

Joseph C. D’Amico, DPM, FACFAOM

Michael J. King, DPM, FACFAS

Jason Kraus, President, OHI

Jeremy Long, C.Ped

Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS

Don Pierson, CO, C.Ped

Kim Ross, PhD, MSc, BSc, DC

Mariana Wingood, DPT, PT, GCS, CEEAA

(Check back for more speakers)